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Ron Marshall is a well-known and respected radio veteran in the Birmingham market. He is recognized by his distinctive voice and effortless delivery behind the microphone. Ron got his start in the radio business while a student in college. After graduation, he worked in the banking and telecommunications industry. In 1994, Ron left the corporate […]

Kim Phillips is originally from Kingston, Jamaica and came to the US for school. After completing her undergraduate degree in Atlanta, Georgia at Emory University she moved to Birmingham to complete her Master of Public health at UAB. Kim then worked for the Birmingham City Council for a year as a Committee Assistant for district […]

Chris Coleman’s motto is “There is NO shortcut to greatness.” Chris hasn’t taken any shortcuts when it comes to the road he has traveled in the broadcast and entertainment business. Born in Toledo, Ohio, his family moved to Birmingham when he was a toddler. He has worked at various stations and can often be found […]

Curtis Bell is a native of Birmingham and attended Hayes High School. Curtis has always been a lover a music. This fostered an interest in radio. He has been in radio since 1982. He is also a lover of sports and loves the Los Angeles Lakers. He believes they will make a comeback and be […]

For years, Nicole’Ray has proven to be one of the most driven, dedicated and innovative women in the industry. This bright-eyed, ambitious soul was born into a military family in Arkansas, but raised in Georgia where music became a cohesive bond to her life.  The discipline, ambition, and noble character instilled in her during her […]

DJ Gorgeous inspiration comes from her love of music, her love for helping others, and she won’t stop; everyone has a calling and she knows that this is hers. She was born and raised in the “Magic City” Birmingham, Alabama; where music, rhythm and sound have always been instilled in her heart. After graduating from […]

Successful Comedian, Actor, Promoter, Music Producer, Manager, Writer and Entrepreneur, Bennie Mac is known for his personal motto, “I Brang You The Funny”, “It’s Always Sum To Laugh At” & “I Brang You The Funny For A Lil Money”. As CEO of MacMan Entertainment, a Marketing, Management & Entertainment Promotion company. Bennie Mac is a […]

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