Jay Barker

Former Alabama Na9onal Championship Quarterback Jay Barker joins Sports journalist Lars Anderson and veteran producer Kerry Adams for a new regional sports talk show. ‘The Jay Barker Show” broadcast live on V94.9Fm from noon to 2pm weekdays.

Jay Barker offers a unique perspec9ve of Crimson Tide Football. As a former player, Barker offers insight not available from most sports talk show hosts.

Joining Barker on the show is Lars Anderson. Anderson is a veteran sports writer for Sports Illustrated. Lars Anderson is the author of the book , “ The Storm and the Tide: Tragedy, Hope and Triumph in Tuscaloosa”.

Also on the show is Kerry Adams, former execu9ve producer of The Opening Drive and The Paul Finebaum Show.

The program will be a blend of live guest interviews, listener calls and perspec9ve from Jay, Lars and Kerry always 9mely and topical.

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